Why is the City of Malden doing hydrant flushing?

Each week, the City of Malden and the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA), which provides Malden with its drinking water, conducts water tests on 18 sites across the City. These tests largely act as an early warning system for problems that may be developing with water quality. The most recent tests for this area show chlorine disinfectant levels below the optimal levels and higher than normal water temperatures, which can lead to poor water quality. This flushing program is one of several steps taken to address these most recent test results.

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1. Why is the City of Malden doing hydrant flushing?
2. How common is the water issue?
3. What causes poor water quality to happen?
4. What does flushing the system accomplish?
5. Do I need to do anything before using or drinking the water?
6. What is the City doing to address this long term?
7. I have additional questions about the hydrant flushing. Who should I call?