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August 3, 2022 12:00 PM

MBTA Orange Line Shutdown - Mayor's Statement and Further Info

The MBTA announced today that it will be shutting the Orange Line down for 30 days between August 19th and September 18th, 2022. This will be to address many maintenance issues that have been accumulating including track repair, tie replacement, signal upgrades and more with the goal of improving safety and reliability of the line while mitigating the amount of downtime over the long term.

Mayor Christenson expressed his concerns in this statement:
"This shutdown will without a doubt negatively impact our community especially our residents who depend on the Orange Line to get to and from work and for our students returning to school. I have already met with our team to see if we can do anything to help the situation which includes utilizing the commuter rail to offset the disruption.

This announcement also highlights our repeated stance over the years that the MBTA needs to do a better job of maintaining what they have rather than funding new projects especially where it’s not cost neutral.

In the meantime, we will continue to work with the MBTA on ways to minimize the impact to our community. "

During today's press conference, it was announced that several steps will be taken to ensure that existing riders will still be able to reach their normal commuting destinations by way alternate substitute transportation including the use of the Commuter Rail as well as shuttle busses.

With respect to the Commuter Rail, all Zone 1 fares which includes trips from Oak Grove and Malden Center to North Station and back will be authorized with the use of either a standard Charlie Card Subway fair or Subway monthly pass. Riders with these passes will not have to purchase any additional fare cards to qualify for this Commuter Rail ride.

Additionally, Mayor Christenson is actively working with representatives of the MBTA to ensure this Commuter Rail service runs smoothly and will be pushing for more frequent rides than its current schedule.

With respect to shuttle busses, the MBTA is still in the process of finalizing those plans and we will share those updates as soon as they are made available.

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