FAQ When Applying for a Permit/ Slideshow Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:I am having trouble adding my address or finding it on the website. 

A: When entering the address for the permit ONLY enter the number and name. DO NOT enter Street, Ave, Ct, etc.

 For example: 215 Pleasant Street should be entered on the website as 215 Pleasant

Q: I get an error message when trying to submit the permit. 

A: When filing out a permit please include all information required in the RED* Mandatory boxes. If information is not entered or skipped the permit will not allow you to submit. If the information is unknow or not applicable please enter "N/A"

Q: I Applied for a permit and still have not heard anything. 

A: Make sure your email and phone number are correct. The Inspectors will contact you via email or phone. Permits are processed in the order they are received. Make sure to check your permit portal, the inspectors can make changes to permit fees, request additional information, ask for floor plans to be submitted, etc.

Q: How can I get my permit? Once I get approved for my permit how do I post it at my site? 

A: Once permits are approved they can be printed from the online portal. They also can be picked up at City Hall room 330. Please have the address or permit number on hand. Permits are to be posted in a visible spot from the street.

Q:I am looking to book an inspection, what do I do? 

A: You can call into the Inspectional Service office at 781-397-7000 x2030 and request to speak to an Inspector. The Inspectors set up their own appointments.

Slideshow Guide: How To Apply For A Permit 

Below are slideshow guides on the individual permits you can apply for through the City of Malden Permitting system.

Residential Building Permit

Commercial Building Permit

Electrical Permit

Plumbing & Gas Permit

Certificate of Occupancy (COO)