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Our city celebrates a cultural diversity of more than 60 languages, we want to ensure everyone in our community has an equal understanding and access to all the resources and opportunities available.

Conversational English Classes for Malden Community!

We have developed a project to start addressing the significant needs that English Learners have in our community. We will offer in-person, online classes as well as tutoring for smaller groups.

Conversation classes will be run by trained tutors and community volunteers, the lesson themes will be centered on learning about the Malden community, Daily Life, American Culture, Municipal Government, Careers, Employment, etc., and any other knowledge necessary to succeed and become an active member of our community.

We have partnered with the local nonprofit Potencia to create the Potencia Malden Chapter, we will run a series of 10-week programs which will train 20 community volunteer tutors and serve about 35 Malden residents during each session.

February - May 2024 (10-week) – Classes online/in-person
Scholarship requirement: Commit to attend 10 Classes (limited to 35 students for pilot). 
Contact: (617) 865-2273  —

We invite you to join us in creating localized Language Access solutions!

Adult English Classes


Note: Once you complete your form, you will be contacted by phone or email to confirm your enrollment and give more information regarding class placements.

Chinese (Traditional):

简体中文 / Chinese (Simplified):

Español / Spanish:

Português / Portuguese:

Kreyòl Ayisyen / Haitian Creole:

· العربية / Arabic:

አማርኛ / Amharic:

Tiếng Việt / Vietnamese:

Feb - May 2024 (10-week pilot)
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Contact: | (617) 580-0176

Need Help?

Language Access Phone Line

 (617) 865-2273

  • (Portuguese) Ligue para o serviço de acessibilidade linguística:
  • (Simplified Chinese) 拨打语言支援热线:
  • (Spanish) Llame a la línea de acceso lingüístico
  • (Traditional Chinese)
  • (Vietnamese)
    Số gọi đến đường dây truy cập ngôn ngữ:
  • (Arabic) : اتصل على الرقم التالي
The City of Malden is committed to making vital information available to everyone in the city by providing solutions to increase accessibility and eliminate language barriers.

The Office of Language Access has been supporting all City Hall departments in their efforts to connect and serve Malden community members with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) and working diligently on developing solutions to ensure all departments have access to translation services to ensure all community members have equal and meaningful access to municipal services, programs, and activities.

Since establishing the office in April 2022, we have been reviewing demographics, surveys, national data, current available language resources, gathering data from local agencies and schools to create a current picture of our diversity and languages spoken in Malden.

This effort has allowed us to identify gaps in language access solutions and create the I Speak Campaign. Solutions has been tested and implemented with great success.

The campaign offers a variety of language solutions for city staff and community members, including:
  • Translated Department Vital Records (any form, permit, record, or other document that individuals applying for services or benefits must understand, respond to or complete to access the services/benefits or continue to receive the services or benefits).
  • Bilingual Staff Members
  • Free Translation & Interpretation Services for all Municipal transactions, Services and Opportunities
  • A Multilingual Language Access Phone Line for all services available
  • Voice / Text Translator Devices – Available for all departments with public-facing services and public interactions
  • Interpretation equipment available to facilitate in-person multilingual meetings

I Speak

I Speak logo helps identify the Language Access campaign (in-progress). Displayed logo or poster indicates resources available.

  • I Speak Table Poster – indicates availability of devices or other language resources on location
  • Malden I Speak Cards All Languages – contains a comprehensive alphabetized language list (PDF / phone-friendly)
  • Voice / Text Translator Devices – Available for all departments with public-facing services and  interactions 
  • City Hall Language Access Line – a multiple language line that will connect callers, via interpreters, to all municipal services and opportunities. It is a free service for the community to reach out to City Hall, ask questions about services, voting, forms, register complaints, etc.
  • Bilingual Staff Members
  • Know Your Rights – Free translation / interpretation for all municipal transactions

Language ID cards all-languages

Language ID cards-all-languages

I Speak Card - Table top language recognition sign

I Speak Table Top Card

Your Rights – Free translations for municipal transactions


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