Employee Wellness Center

Malden City Hall Gym

Municipal employees have 24-hour access to the new City Hall gym. Our Benefits & Wellness Coordinator, in collaboration with Human Resources, works to promote both mental and physical well being within the work force by administering our Wellness Program. The Wellness Program is a financial benefit for employees enrolled into the City medical insurance, however through the Wellness Program we have been able to offer classes and other activities that every employee is eligible to participate in regardless of insurance status. 

Keep an eye out for upcoming Wellness Programs. 

Employee Assistance ProgramEmployee Assistance Program

City of Malden employees are eligible to use the Employee Assistance/Work-Life Program  managed by Health Management Systems of America. The Employee Assistance Program is a confidential, voluntary service that provides professional counseling and referral services designed to help you and your family members with personal, job, or family related problems. 

For more information call their helpline at 1-800-847-7240, or visit their website www.my-life-resource.com.