Physical Improvements

Malden’s CDBG program contributes funding to physical improvement projects, including to parks, public facilities, and infrastructure, as well as nonprofit buildings in limited circumstances. Like other CDBG-funded activities, physical improvements must primarily benefit low- and moderate-income (LMI) residents. Examples include improving a park in a low-and moderate-income neighborhood, upgrading a Malden Public Schools playground, and making Malden’s sidewalks and intersections safer for disabled pedestrians. CDBG funding has been essential to achieving many physical improvements in the City, and is often combined with other funding sources to make large projects possible.

Physical improvement projects receive CDBG funds on an annual basis through the CDBG application process. Funding varies from year to year, but most physical improvement projects receive $100,000 or more in CDBG funding. Because these projects almost always affect public property, applicants for CDBG physical improvement funding should consider reaching out to their City Councillor or the Mayor’s Office before applying for a project. Malden’s CDBG funds cannot pay for physical improvement master plans or similar studies, though they can cover design and other soft costs as part of an active construction project. Residents and groups interested in exploring CDBG funding should contact the Community Development Director to learn more.

Projects funded through the CDBG program are subject to federal and state laws and regulations regarding the use of those funds. These include public procurement requirements, environmental reviews, Davis Bacon wage rates, Section 3 local hiring policies, and other rules. To ensure compliance, please contact the Community Development Director prior to beginning work on any project for which you plan to seek CDBG funding. Failure to do so could result in your project being ineligible for CDBG funding.

For detailed information and updates on specific physical improvement projects, visit the City of Malden’s ClearGov page. For information about the Roosevelt Park Project, click here.

Recently funded CDBG projects include:

  • ADA Pedestrian Improvements
  • Devir Park
  • Fellsmere Pond Crosswalk
  • Linden Community Rink
  • Bread of Life building project
  • Salemwood School Playground
  • Beebe School Playground
  • Ferryway Tot Lot
  • Mt. Vernon Area Safety Improvements
  • Green St./ MacArthur Park
  • MHS Starr Center
  • FitzGerald Park
  • Maplewood Park Batting Cages
  • Coytemore Lea Park
  • Forestdale Ballfield and Playground