Public Services

Malden's CDBG program provides grants to qualified human service organizations through the public services program. Public services are social services administered by nonprofit agencies and organizations that directly benefit low-income Malden residents. Examples include homelessness prevention, after school programming, and transportation for elderly or disabled residents. Collectively, these programs serve thousands of low-income Malden residents each year and further the CDBG program's objective to address the causes and consequences of poverty.

Public services receive CDBG funds on an annual basis through the CDBG application process. Approximately $210,000 is available to fund public services each year, with an average grant amount of about $13,000.

Selected public services become CDBG subrecipients, and are bound by federal and state laws and regulations regarding program administration. Organizations that receive CDBG funds will need to submit quarterly reports, collect and report information on each beneficiary, and submit regular invoices with appropriate documentation in accordance with 24 CFR 200. OSPCD is responsible for ensuring public services comply with these requirements, and regularly monitors subrecipients to ensure compliance. Current and potential subrecipients are strongly encouraged to review HUD's "Playing by the Rules: A Handbook for Subrecipients on Administrative Systems" to ensure their organizations have the capacity and internal systems to comply with CDBG rules. Organizations new to CDBG should contact the Community Development Director prior to applying.

Public Services Calendar (typical)
January - CDBG applications become available
February - CDBG applications due
April - Mayor's proposed CDBG budget sent to City Council
May - City Council approves final CDBG budget
May/ June - Public services notified; contracts signed
July 1 - Program Year begins
September 30 - Quarter 1 reports due
December 31 - Quarter 2 reports due
March 31 - Quarter 3 reports due
April 30 - End of Year reports due