Fee Schedule

City Clerk Fee Schedule 


Certified long form copy $10

Correction of Birth Record $25


Certified copy $10

Correction of Death Record $25


Filing Marriage Intentions $30

Certified Copy $10

Correction of a Marriage Record $25

Entering record of marriage outside of Massachusetts $30

Business Certificate

Business Certificate (Filing) $35

Business Certificate (Amendment or Withdrawal) $25

Business Certificate (Certified copy) $10


Dog License $15 (spayed/neutered), $20 (intact)

Trafton Park License $15

Raffle & Bazaar $50

Constable Bond (filing) $50

Certification/Attestation $10

Vendor Permit $1,000

City Council License Fee Schedule

LicenseFee (Non-Refundable)Expiration
 Amusement Machines
$100 Application fee + $50 per machine for the first 25 machines, then $25 for each additional machine.
December 31st
Bowling Alley$50 for the 1st lane, then $5 for each additional lane.April 30th
Christmas Tree Sales$750December 31st
Class I, II, III$200 License fee + $100 Inspection fee (also a $50 Application fee for new applicants only)December 31st
Extended Hours$250December 31st
Exterior Vending Machine$100 per machineApril 30th
Flower Sales$1,000December 31st
Fortune Teller$50December 31st
Livery$100 per vehicle + $30 per driverFebruary 1st
Lodging House$200April 30th
Open Air Parking Lot$100 per spaceApril 30th
Pawnbroker$200April 30th
Pool Tables$50 for the 1st table, then $5 for each additional table.
April 30th
Second-Hand Dealer$200April 30th
Self-Service Gas Station$1,250June 30th
Taxi (Business)$100 per vehicleFebruary 1st
Taxi (Driver)$30February 1st