Trash Tags

With the implementation of your new Pay As You Throw(PAYT) Trash Cart Program, there are two options for disposing of trash.  You can either continue to purchase blue PAYT bags and place them in the black cart or you can purchase a "trash tag" and stick it to your black trash cart which will permit you to use standard household trash bags such as Glad or Hefty bags.

Why would I purchase a trash tag?

Trash tags are intended for residents who are looking to reduce or eliminate the amount of blue bags they have to purchase either for convenience or for environmental reasons of using less plastic.   

Additionally there is a cost savings associated with purchasing a trash tag.  If you typically use about one large blue bag per week you are spending $104 per year on trash ($2 x 52 weeks).  Since a black cart holds the equivalent volume of one large blue bag, you are saving $29 per year by purchasing a trash tag.

When will trash tags be made available?

Trash tags will be available for purchase in July 2021.

How can I purchase trash tags?

As of July, 2021, you can purchase trash tags either online at or by visiting the City of Malden Treasurer’s Office at Malden City Hall.

How much does a trash tag cost?

Residents will have the option of purchasing an annual hang tag for $75 per year which will renew each calendar year.  If you purchase the trash tag in the middle of a calendar year, the purchase price will be prorated accordingly.  For example, a tag purchased in July will cost approximately $37 and will expire at the end of that year on December 31st.

Where can I put my trash tag?

Trash tags can only be used in conjunction with a city-issued 35 gallon black trash cart.  The "tag" will be a sticker that will be placed on the front of the cart just above the serial number.  Each year that you purchase a new tag, you will stick it over the previous year's sticker (similar to license plate registration stickers).

Can I purchase additional trash tags for other carts?

Yes, if the cart is a city-issued 35 gallon black trash cart.  All other carts or barrels used for overflow must have trash contained in blue PAYT bags.