Holiday Waste Removal Guide

Holiday Recycling and Waste Guide
Common Holiday Waste Bubble wrap, bows, ribbons, lights, gift cards, used food trays, soft plastic casing, tissue paper. Throw away in your curbside trash.
Real Christmas Trees Real pine Christmas tree. One designated week per year in January. You MUST CHECK  your collection calendar at to find out the exact date.  On that date,  leave your REAL tree at your curbside on your trash day of that designated week. The tree must be free from all decorations including tinsel, lights or any decorations.  Please DO NOT wrap tree in plastic or shrink wrap - it will not be accepted. 
Common Holiday Recyclables Wrapping paper (paper and non metalic, non-cellophane), rinsed foil tins, cardboard, rinsed plastic food containers, holiday cards, gift bags without bows or string. Put out for your curbside recycling. 
Artificial Christmas Tree Plastic or any type of artificial Christmas tree. Throw away as your one bulk item per week. 
Bulk Styrofoam Bulk amounts of #6 EPS Styrofoam Bring to DPW yard at 356 Commercial Street and ask for instructions.