Business and other Non-City Services Status During Coronavirus

Massachusetts and the City of Malden are moving through the Four Phases of Reopening. We urge you to check social media pages and to call your favorite establishments and support them as they try to recover from the shutdown. 

June 1st: Governor Baker released detailed commentary providing guidance for all industries on the Four Phases of Reopening. Learn more at 

May 18th: Governor Baker released Reopening Massachusetts, the Reopening Advisory Board’s report, which details a four-phased strategy to responsibly reopen businesses and activities while continuing to fight COVID-19. Starting today, based on current public health data and trends, Massachusetts will begin Phase 1 of a cautious reopening, and workplaces that are permitted to open are required to follow new safety protocols and guidance. Learn more at: 

  1. Medical
  2. Social and Family Services
  3. Grocery and Pharmacy