Snow Removal Contractors

Contractor List

The following is a list of snow removal contractors who have successfully passed a CORI background check and have asked to be listed on our website for snow removal.  

The City of Malden does not dictate any rates or fees that the contractor charges, guarantee the quality of work or in any way, assume the liability of any damage caused by a contractor to property or any injury as a result of the work performed.  Use of any contractor listed below is a private business arrangement between the purchaser and the contractor.

NameContact NumberWard
Mary Nsubuga
All Wards
Kristopher Contreras781-333-9480All Wards
Robert Donahue781-724-3462All Wards 
Tristar To781-215-1396
All Wards
Christian Peters781-491-5274
All Wards

As more contractors become available they will be added to the list.

Interested in joining this list as a contractor?