Thompson Island

In the Summer of 2018 we took a group of our teens to spend a day at the Thompson Island Outward Bound Discovery Program. During this trip the kids participated in several enrichment activities. During the Wall Climb, an activity that places emphasis on teamwork, the group was split into two teams who were tasked with the goal of getting every member of each team over a six foot high wall. We also took part in a game called Telephone Builder which required that the teens communicate effectively amongst each other to achieve their goal. As the day neared an end we gathered together to reflect on the day and discuss what we achieved as a team as well as what we could have done better to reach our goals. Additionally, we used what the kids learned from the activities to discuss what goals the kids have for themselves in the future and how to best achieve those goals. We at the Teen Center would like to give a big thank you to Halloran Construction sponsoring this unforgettable trip.

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Thompson Island Group Photo 2018
Teen having group Discussion in a boat on land
Thompson Island Blindfolded trust excercise
Thompson Island Monster Cup Team Building activity
Thompson Island Group Photo during puzzle