Malden Stormwater System

The City of Malden maintains a drainage system that collects stormwater throughout the City during rain/snow events, which ultimately transports the collected water to either the Malden River or Pines River. This system serves the residents and businesses of Malden by preventing flooding that would occur during and after rain or snow storms that could adversely impact property and roadways throughout the City. Groundwater is also conveyed through the storm drain system in some portions of Malden where groundwater may be shallow, particularly in the spring. The storm drain system in shallow groundwater areas may also serve the residents and businesses of Malden by preventing groundwater from seeping into basements.

As stormwater travels over the ground, or underground in the case of groundwater, it can collect various contaminants that are transported through the drainage system to the receiving waters. While the contributions from each individual property may be minor, when they are added together from all of the properties in the City, the cumulative effect could result in impairment to the Malden and Pines Rivers.

To address the problem of impaired surface waters, the U.S. Environmental Protection Administration (USEPA) and the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) have jointly implemented a program designed to improve the quality of stormwater and reduce the impairment to surface waters. This program is known as the NPDES Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems permit (the MS4 Permit). The Malden Engineering Department oversees the City’s NPDES MS4 discharge permit. Various other city departments, including Public Works, Facilities, and the Permits, Inspections and Planning Services Department are involved in the implementation of different components of the program. The Engineering Department has prepared a Stormwater Management Program Plan that identifies those measures required under the MS4 Permit that are being implemented by the City.

Questions concerning the City’s stormwater system permit or comments on the Malden Stormwater Management Program Plan (PDF)  may be directed to Yem Lip, P.E., Director and City Engineer, at (781)-397-7040 or