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Following Our Alerts

If you have not done so already, please sign up for our city-wide emergency notification system known as Malden Alerts. Additionally, you will want to follow the updates we post on our website alerts to see up-to-the-minute changes.


Winter parking rules are in effect from the "First Winter Event" this year until April 1st. The City desires to delay winter parking restrictions as long as possible. Therefore, rather than a certain date, the City will use the first snowstorm that the City determines to be substantial enough to declare the beginning of winter parking restrictions.

After the first winter event has been declared and announced, you will then begin to park on the even-numbered side of the street until April 1st when our winter parking season ends.  

Remember that during snow emergencies, the rules become more restrictive so you will want to make sure that you find out what the rules are where you park. Any exceptions will be noted by nearby signs or you can download a copy(PDF) of the current year's Winter Parking Flyer for reference


When we declare a snow emergency, parking on some streets becomes more restrictive and if a vehicle is left in that location during a snow emergency, your vehicle may be towed. If your vehicle is towed, contact the Malden Police Department at 781-322-1212 for further instructions. 

Snow Removal - Your Sidewalks, Homes and Businesses

Please remember that 12 hours after we declare the end of snow operations for any storm, business owners must shovel their sidewalks and within 24 hours homeowners must do the same.  Please review our quick reference guide to avoid being ticketed.

Snow Removal - City Streets and Public Areas

Our Department of Public Works makes every effort to keep our streets safe and passable during winter weather.  If at the conclusion of snow operations for a given storm, you feel that a street needs further attention, you may submit a ticket using our issue reporting tool.  The DPW will not respond to requests during snow operations unless there is an emergency.

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We alert our residents using a variety of methods.  

  • To be notified about the start and stop of a snow emergency, sign up for our notification system, Malden Alerts
  • To be notified about changes to trash/recycling schedules as a result of winter weather, sign up for our Trash App known as ReCollect.
  • To be notified when new winter weather alerts are added to our website, sign up for our Alert Center