Located five miles north of Boston, the City of Malden is five square miles in area and borders the cities of Medford, Melrose, Everett, and Revere.  The earliest record for the official duty of protecting the lives and property of the inhabitants of Malden can be traced to the year 1651 with the appointment of Richard Adams as the first constable.  As the years progressed a system of constables and watchmen was utilized to provide public safety.  In the 1870’s the need for an organized police force was recognized.  This resulted in the appointment of the first police chief and adoption of an official uniform.  Over the years, the police department has grown and adapted to the changes in society.  Today, the force consists of 103 police officers, made up of the Chief, 4 Captains, 9 Lieutenants, 15 Sergeants, and 75 Patrol Officers.  The department is dedicated to protecting and serving a diverse community of over 60,000 residents and continues to maintain proud traditions.  Five members have heroically given their lives in the line of duty: Watchman David Faulkner, Officer Isaiah McLain, Officer Edward Callahan, Officer Frank Borseti, and Officer Allan Ray.  To learn more about these officers, please visit our memorial page.

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Malden Mass. Police Patch