Traffic Unit

The mission of the Traffic Unit is to enhance public safety through the fair, impartial, and reasonable enforcement of traffic laws.  The primary goal is to promote the safe flow of vehicular traffic and reduce the number and severity of collisions.  Such a reduction decreases the number of personal injuries and the amount of property damage caused by motor vehicle crashes.  The Traffic Unit also strives to address quality of life issues in the city such as abandoned cars, parking complaints, and persistent traffic congestion.  Use of Radar and Lidar speed detection devices and immediate access to the Registry of Motor Vehicles database allow members of the unit to make full use of their time and training.

The Traffic Unit also performs the following functions:

  • Follow-up investigation of Hit and Run crashes
  • Escort duties for parades and funerals
  • Targeted enforcement for specific problems
  • Seizure of Revoked registration plates

Click here for information on traffic laws and safety