Helping Businesses Prosper Through Strong Partnerships

The City of Malden offers businesses a place where they can be successful. The strong partnership between the City and local businesses fosters an environment built to provide opportunities for expansion and productivity.

On this page are some samples of the assistance we offer.

Single Point of Contact

Having a Single Point of Contact can help maximize city resources on your behalf. One staff person is charged with reviewing your application for completeness, tracking applications through the process, and serving as a coordinating role for other boards, commissions, and department staff. Their responsibility is to work with applicants and coordinate the efforts to apply for the necessary permits and licenses.

Site Selection & Planning

Our staff works with industrial and commercial development projects to expedite the permit process for business relocation or expansion. We also promote programs and policies that better balance the city's responsibility for resource stewardship with the need to accommodate development in a fair, predictable, and timely manner.

Permit Assistance

Our staff will work with you to schedule a pre-application Project Review that would convene staff from permitting boards, commissions, and departments to meet with you and your consultants to discuss the development proposal. A Project Review allows you to present the proposed project, prior to filing formal applications and have any major issues that could require project modification identified, along with any neighborhood concerns.

Business Retention Services

The City of Malden recognizes the contribution businesses already located here provide to our economy. Let us know about potential hurdles or concerns and we can offer customized business development services and resources that allow you to be successful.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you be successful!