Relocation Services

Relocating Your Business

It takes a lot to move a business and get it back up and running. Our purpose is to support you every step of the way, so that the process goes smoothly and efficiently.

The City of Malden is home to industry and businesses of all kinds and with an outstanding location, a dynamic and educated workforce, and a complete offering of commercial space, you will have all the ingredients needed for success!

Whether you are looking to expand or relocate a business to Malden, we can assist you. Our team has the experience and resources to get your business off the ground and positioned for success. With our coordination services, we’ll guide you through the process to get your relocation underway - whether you need help with site selection, obtaining special permits, or just troubleshooting issues that could potentially delay your relaunch.

Why Move Your Business to Malden?

For businesses, Malden offers an ideal environment for success just minutes from Boston:

  • A convenient location with immediate highway and airport access
  • Built-in public transportation to a skilled workforce
  • Top-notch restaurants and amenities
  • A City that is dedicated to the idea of being in partnership with its business community

With more than 72 colleges and universities within 10 miles of Malden, it's no surprise that businesses like Malden's access to the region's largest talent pool. As the only major transportation hub north of Boston, Malden has two MBTA Orange Line stations, commuter rail lines connecting to Boston and to communities in Northern Middlesex and Essex Counties, and 13 different bus routes serving surrounding cities, including Boston itself. At 12,000 to 15,000 passengers daily, Malden Center is the busiest non-Boston station, not to mention Malden's easy access to Logan Airport and Routes 1, 16, 28, 93, and 99.

Just as important, the strong partnership between the City and local businesses fosters an environment built to provide opportunities for expansion and productivity. We provide a Single Point of Contact that can help maximize city resources on your behalf. One staff person is charged with reviewing your application for completeness, tracking applications through the process, and serving as a coordinating role for other boards, commissions, and department staff. Their responsibility is to work with applicants and coordinate the efforts to apply for the necessary permits and licenses.

What Sets Malden Apart

Three things set Malden apart:

  • Tremendous proximity to Boston's downtown and airport
  • Unparallelled access to a highly educated workforce
  • An amazing diversity of people and restaurants

No wonder Malden is considered one of the "hottest" sites in Greater Boston by site selectors, business owners, and entrepreneurs!