Arts & Culture

Malden is an evolving city with a variety of cultural inputs that make it unique and interesting. Artists and performers can find ways to plug in and be a key part of the ongoing growth and development of this diverse city. Visitors will enjoy the variety of culturally rich events, quality performances, exhibitions, and experiences hosted in a variety of unique settings.

Malden is home to a diverse mix of musicians, theater professionals, scholars, cultural organizations, visual artists, designers, and artisans. It is also known as a multinational community. Over 63 languages are spoken at the public high school, and at least 42% of the population is foreign born.

Arts & Culture Directory

Visit our Resource Directory for links to organizations and resources which offer more detailed information or opportunities to engage with the arts and culture scene of Malden. This is not an exhaustive list. Efforts are underway to gather a complete listing of resources, groups, venues, and individuals that make up Malden’s Arts and Culture ecosystem. To add a resource to this list, email us.

Ethnic Diversity

The ethnic mix of Malden has allowed a number of cultural festivals, organizations, and programs to emerge. Annual cultural events include:

  • Chinese New Year hosted by the Chinese Culture Connection
  • International Day Provided by the Immigrant Learning Center
  • International Women’s Day hosted by The American Association for Arab Women (AAAW)
  • Muslim, Latino, and Filipino Festivals


Collaborations between various organizations have produced other annual City-wide programs such as the well-loved Malden Reads’ One Book One City initiative, a collaborative between Malden Access TV (MATV), Malden’s Media Center and the Malden Public Library. MATV also collaborates with local talent, food providers, and local personalities for their annual MATV Open House Showcase.


Regarding exhibiting places, these are becoming more plentiful and unique. Exhibit spaces include:


Performances in Malden range from the excellent theater program provided by Malden High’s Play Pro, a new Children’s Theater group to storytelling and spoken word events sponsored by local spoken word artists and various other organizations. Restaurants like El Potro, All Seasons Restaurant, Hugh O’Neill’s, etc., offer live music. Several local churches offer concert series. The Refugee Immigration Ministry produces an Interfaith Concert annually.

Visual Arts

Visual artists have many opportunities to plug into the art scene, including sketching with the Malden Sketch Group; participating with Malden Arts and public art initiatives such as the ArtLine, switchboxes, mini libraries, and more; selling, exhibiting, teaching, or volunteering at The Gallery; applying for grants through the Malden Cultural Council; or offering works for display at any of the exhibition spaces.