Rodent Control

Rodent Control & How You Can Help!

The City of Malden has been actively engaged in rodent control measures on city and state property in various locations in the city of Malden. Currently the main focus of the rodent the control program is citywide.

Some reasons the rodents are thriving even with extermination efforts are many, and this is where the residents have to do their part to deny the rodents a steady food supply. The following must be done by residents of the city to eliminate the food supply.

  1. Store all trash in barrels with tight-fitting lids. No trash bags can be stored exterior to the premises. All recyclables should be stored in rodent resistant barrels as well. Use the included labels to re-purpose trash barrels for different uses.
  2. All yards areas must have lawns mowed and bushes trimmed to deny cover to the rodents as they move from yard to yard.
  3. All gardens should be sized for the actual use of the family in residence. Large gardens that are not cultivated and maintained supply food and cover to the rodents.
  4. Fruit from fruit trees that bear fruit but that is inedible by humans must be continuously cleaned up and properly stored in rodent resistant containers until disposal. These trees should be removed if they are bearing inedible fruit.
  5. All stagnant water must be eliminated. Pour out empty buckets and barrels, bird baths, stagnant ornamental ponds and eliminate all ponding water.
  6. All compost piles and yard waste should be removed or properly maintained in a rodent resistant containers.