Water Utilities

The Malden Department of Water Utilities (DWU) strives to provide residents with the highest quality water and sewer service. The Department is responsible for the maintenance of the City's drinking water, ensuring that it is free from impurities and meets Safe Drinking Water Act standards as required by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. It further maintains, improves and manages the City's water and sewer systems and is responsible for water pressure issues, sewer main blockages and works diligently to keep unaccounted for water to a minimum. 

The DWU also repairs and reads water meters, coordinates the water-main flushing program and maintains fire hydrant flow-testing. All water and sewer maps are maintained through the City of Malden's Global Positioning System (GPS) technology.

Contact Information

  • Water and Sewer Billing and Final Water Meter Readings
    Phone: 781-397-7090
  • Water Meters, Water Pipe Replacement/Street and Sidewalk Restoration Project and Clerk to Water Commission
    Phone: 781-397-7040
  • Water Service Leaks, No Water or Pressure Issues, Water Turn on and Turn off and Sewer Issues
    Phone: 781-397-7164

For any off-hours emergencies related to Water Utilities, please dial 781-397-7164 and dial option 0 to be connected to someone immediately.