The Treasurer's Department prepares and generates all real estate, excise tax and water-sewer bills as well as late notices for parking tickets. This department also collects all money mailed or wired to the City by Federal or State government agencies, various fees paid by individuals and corporations and permits and fines. We accept cash, checks or money orders for payment. We do not accept credit card payments at the office or over the phone. You may pay your current real estate, excise tax, personal property tax and water-sewer bills online.

For assistance please call 781-397-7090 and choose from the following options:

  • Press 1: Water Bill Payment Matters
  • Press 2: Water Meter Readings
  • Press 3: Parking Ticket Questions
  • Press 4: Real Estate Tax matters
  • Press 5: Excise Tax Matters
  • Press 6: Municipal Lien Matters