Public Works


The Department of Public Works (DPW) is responsible for a variety of City services including:

  • Anti-graffiti efforts
  • City-wide tree maintenance and planting
  • Collection, transportation and disposal of solid waste
  • Maintenance of parks
  • Pavement marking maintenance
  • Signage and traffic signalization
  • Snow removal, plowing and sanding
  • Storm water system maintenance and drainage repairs
  • Street sweeping, upkeep, and repairs to sidewalks and streets

Pay As You Throw

Malden is a Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT) community where residents pay for the trash they dispose. It affects persons living in households up to six units. The program allows each household to control its volume of trash disposal and encourages recycling. All residents must dispose of trash by placing it in a city-issued black trash cart using standard household trash bags if using an annual trash tag or by purchasing official blue City of Malden trash bags. Under the PAYT program, recyclables and yard waste are collected at no additional cost (recyclables are picked up weekly and yard waste collection is on a seasonal schedule). The Department also holds hazardous waste recycling days throughout the year.

Off-Hours Emergencies

For any off hours emergencies related to the DPW or Water Utilities, please dial 781-397-7160 and dial option 0 to be connected to someone immediately.