City Planner


The City Planner reviews and makes recommendations regarding:

  • Development proposals that require special permits under the City of Malden zoning ordinance
  • Amendments to the zoning ordinance
  • Any matters subject to the subdivision control law

The Planner advises the Planning Board and provides professional, procedural and technical support assistance during meetings of the Board and public hearings conducted by the Board. The Planner also consults with City officials, property owners, developers, realtors, and attorneys regarding potential development proposals and zoning and subdivision control related matters. The Planning Board and staff oversee master planning activities.

Planning Documents

Master Plan

The City of Malden Master Plan (PDF) was adopted by the Malden Planning Board on August 11, 2010.

Malden Vision

View the Malden Vision Statement (PDF) from 2008.

Traffic Operations Assessment

The Traffic Operations Assessment (PDF) for the Malden Central Business District in Malden, Massachusetts was undertaken by the Planning Board as part of its ongoing master planning activities in 2012. The Traffic Operations Assessment:

  • Comprehensively studies 20 intersections in downtown Malden, including four major pedestrian crossings
  • Analyzes existing conditions, volumes and levels of service
  • Recommends specific and general improvements to address current deficiencies in vehicular traffic operations and pedestrian crossings throughout the downtown area

Zoning Map - Fiscal Year 2022

View the Zoning Map (PDF) for Section 12.08.020, Chapter 12 of the Revised Ordinance of 2020.

Planning Board Documents