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Permits, Inspections and Planning Services

The Permits, Inspections, and Planning Services Department is pleased to announce that contractors and homeowners may now apply for Building Permits online. This offers a more efficient and convenient way to access and utilize the permitting process. To begin, please go to the RELATED LINKS below and click on "Malden Online Permit Application."

The first step required is to register as a user. After filling in the necessary information, your User Account will be reviewed for approval which will take no longer than one business day.  If you find that your account is not active after one business day, please contact our office. 

Please be advised that only licensed electricians and plumbing contractors can apply for Wire and Plumbing Permits online. If you have questions about your online application or need to schedule an inspection, you may contact the appropriate department as follows:   

Wiring Permit Application or electrical inspection:       781-397-7000  ext. 2151

Plumbing Permit Application or plumbing inspection:  781-397-7000  ext. 2017

Building Permit Application or a building inspection:   781-397-7000  ext. 2021

PLEASE NOTE: Accessing the online permitting portal requires Microsoft Silverlight and Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 on a Windows Machine. Safari on a MAC with Microsoft Silverlight must be Installed.

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