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Clerical assistants shall be assigned to various departments as follows: 

Clerk I: Assessor (2), City Clerk, Fire, Planning Inspections and Permitting, Police (3), Public Facilities, Public Works, Information Technology, Mayor (2), Parking Clerk, Water Utilities 

Clerk II: City Clerk, Police/Traffic, Controller, Public Facilities, Veterans’ Services, Permits Inspections and Planning.

 Clerk III: Senoir Center, Public Facilities, Treasurer, Human Resources (2), Traffic Commission

 Clerk IV: Planning Inspections and Permitting, Cemetery, Controller, Engineering, Fire, Human Resources, Senior Center, Library, Police, Public Works, Mayor (2).

Notwithstanding the provisions of this section, no person employed by the city for a period of less that twelve months shall receive any increase in remuneration until the employee’s anniversary date of employment; provided that, upon the anniversary date of employment, said salary shall be increased to the step and grade corresponding to the step and grade in which the employee was hired, as contained herein. No employee who occupies a position which has been reclassified within the 12 months immediately preceding an increase in remuneration as contained herein shall be eligible for said increase until the anniversary date of the employee’s hiring next subsequent to the first anniversary date of reclassification. This paragraph shall take effect on January 1, 2015.