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A. All departments of the City shall notify the Human Resources Director of all vacancies as they occur.
B. In order to fill a vacancy or a new position, the department head must submit a request to the Human Resources Director. The request shall include the current job description and any proposed changes.
C. Upon receipt of such request the Human Resources Director shall determine if the position is budgeted, the appropriate class and the pay grade for such vacant position.
D. The Human Resources Director shall review civil service, relative collective bargaining agreements, city ordinances, and the City's affirmative action plan and determine the proper procedure to be used in filling the vacancy and inform the department head.
E. Vacancies in positions other than civil service shall, whenever possible, be filled by promotion within the department in which the vacancy exists. Promotion shall be made subject to the approval of the department head. Vacancies not filled by an employee of the department may be filled by a person in another department, subject to the approval of both department heads.
F. When the department head makes a selection, the Human Resources Director shall be notified and shall determine that the selection followed the proper procedures, and inform the department head.
G. No person shall be recommended for hiring by the Human Resources Director, nor shall any said person be hired by any appointing authority or official, until it shall be satisfied that said person has no outstanding debts to the City of Malden or the Commonwealth whatsoever, either personal or corporate, and has paid any fines, fees or other obligations thereto. The Human Resources Director shall satisfy said employable status to the appointing authority or appointing official.
H. Upon notification that the selection was proper, the department head may inform the individual to be hired and establish a starting date.
I. The Human Resources Director shall present each new employee of the City with a copy of Chapter 268A of the General Laws. Every new employee shall signify the receipt of said copy in writing.
J. No department shall increase the number of permanent full-time or permanent part-time positions in said department without the approval of the Mayor and City Council.