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The Policy and Salary Review Committee shall be composed of the Mayor, and the Chairman of the Council Committee on Personnel, or their designees, and the Director of Human Resources.

The Policy and Salary Review Committee shall confer on policies adopted under Section 8.2 Q and make such recommendations for modification or revision as it deems necessary.

The Committee shall assist in continuing review of the Salary Classification plan, make recommendations for classification of new positions or reclassification of existing positions, and shall investigate pay rates for comparable positions both in surrounding municipalities and in the private sector as it deems appropriate.

In making recommendations for modification of the Salary Classification Plan, the Committee shall also consider changes in responsibilities of specific positions, changes in the cost of living index and other factors deemed relevant to the general economic situation.

The Director of Human Resources may, in the case of an emergency, add a new class or wage grade to the Salary Classification Plan or establish a new lower salary or wage grade for an existing position to be filled by a new employee. Any alteration of the Salary Classification Plan made under this paragraph shall be subject to confirmation of such action by permanent amendment of the Salary Classification Plan by the Mayor and City Council.