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A step rate increase between the minimum and maximum salaries or wages for a pay grade shall be the amount shown in the Wage and Salary Schedules based on the evaluation system and a rating of meets or exceeds the expectations. The step rate increases shown in the Salary Schedules are merit increases and are to be considered rewards for diligent and conscientious work.

No more than one step rate increase shall be allowed during any year.

All employees who have been denied step rate increases have the right to appeal such decisions to the Human Resources Director.

After hearing all pertinent facts in the case the Human Resources Director may:

Uphold the denial and support a remedial action plan submitted by the Department Head , or any other appropriate action. In any case, the decisions of the Human Resources Director are final.

A step rate increase as provided in this Section, shall be granted only until the employee attains the maximum salary or wage of the pay grade of the class to which their position has been allocated.

Step rate increases shall be effective July 1st .