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The Human Resources Director shall be authorized to perform the following duties with respect to all positions and departments having employees whose positions are or may be subject to this ordinance.

A. Direct the Group Health and Life Insurance programs for City employees and retirees.

B. Supervise the Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity programs of the City.

C. Maintain the comprehensive personnel records of all City employees. Said records shall include, but not be limited to, vacation, sick day and personal day data, notices of leaves of absence, workers compensation claims, workforce safety and accident data, academic achievements and work-related instruction and certification, military status,commendations and other work performance matters.

D. Undertake studies of personnel matters as deemed appropriate and necessary in the public interest.

E. Develop job titles and salary ranges in accordance with the Title/Salary Schedule. Maintain job descriptions and periodically review to ensure they accurately describe the duties of the position.

Post and advertise all employment opportunities within the city of Malden. All new employees shall be compensated at Step 1 in appropriate job title unless the Human Resource Director, with the recommendation from the Department Head, determines that the employee’s skills are commensurate with another step within the Job Title assigned to said position.

F. Regularly review the salary classification plan, and prepare recommendations for the assignment of new positions or reassignment of existing positions within the classification plan; G. The Salary Review Committee will regularly confer on implementation and review of policies and procedures set forth in the Salary Review Committee recommendations of November 2005, including the regular review of the Salary Plan, review recommendations as to adjustments in pay scales and the assignment of new positions or adjustments to classifications due to a change in the responsibilities of specific positions.

H. Upon the request of any City department head, prepare and assist in conducting training programs for the employees of that department for the purpose of improving their effectiveness in their jobs.

I. To the extent consistent with applicable grievance procedures, under collective bargaining agreements, investigate the facts giving rise to grievances and make recommendation to department heads or the Mayor at any step of the grievance procedure.

J. Undertake employee safety studies concerning action to improve working conditions and employee morale and make recommendations to department heads or the Mayor regarding the same. The Human Resources Director shall supervise all municipal employee assistance programs and serve as the municipal employee assistance officer.

K. Review all requests for leaves of absence for any purpose and make recommendations to department head or the Mayor as to what action should be taken thereon.

L. The Human Resources Director may be designated to act for the City in collective bargaining, and shall make such studies as shall be requested, and shall participate to the extent requested.

M. Maintain a record of all persons seeking employment with the City and shall conduct a program of recruitment to obtain for the City qualified prospective employees.

N. Provide liaison as fully as may be permitted by law between City departments and those agencies of the Commonwealth, including: the Civil Service Commission, the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination, the Department of Industrial Accidents, having jurisdiction over employment by the City and those of the federal government, including but not limited to the Federal Department of Labor.

O. Establish and annual 3 part employee evaluation system which will be used to determine whether an employee will receive a merit increase, establish promotions and job assignments and identify training and developmental needs. The 3 parts shall consist of Performance Planning annually in July/August, Progress Review annually in November/December and Annual Review annually in March/April. Movement between steps of the salary schedule is not automatic but a merit system designed to allow non-union employees to be recommended for and receive annual increases within the scope of their job category based on their work performance as dictated by the salary ordinance.

P. Establish and maintain a system of exit interviews for all full time municipal employees terminating service.

Q. Promulgate rules and regulations and establish policies to promote the orderly administration of employee benefits allowed by law or ordinance, to ensure that employees are made aware of their obligations to the city, co-workers and the public and to outline general standards of conduct in service to the city.