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The City Council may, upon the request of an employee, grant a leave of absence for full-time study or research leading to a degree to any permanent employee which would enable such person to increase their ability to serve the City. Such leave to be a period not exceeding one (1) year. In exceptional cases the City Council may decide to grant leave with full or partial pay provided, that prior to the granting of such leave, said employee shall enter into a written agreement with the City Council that upon the termination of such leave, said person will return to the employment of the City for a period to be determined by the Council, and that in default of completing such employment will refund to the City an amount equal to such proportion of salary received while on leave as the period of employment not actually served as agreed bears to the whole period of employment agreed to be served.

No leave of absence shall hereafter be granted by any City department, subject to this ordinance, to any employee for any purpose, with or without pay, unless the Human Resources Director shall have previously approved such leave and the conditions thereof in writing. Any leave so awarded and approved will include specific dates of leave initiation and termination.