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A. Sick leave shall accrue at the rate of one and one-quarter (1 1/4) days per month and may be accumulated up to a maximum of one-hundred fifty (150) days. Sick leave will not be credited for any month in which an unauthorized absence occurs.

B. Sick leave shall be granted to an employee only when duties cannot be performed due to illness, injury, or exposure to a contagious disease.

C. Notification of sick leave absences must be made by the employee to the immediate supervisor as early as practicable. If such notification is not made such absence may, at the discretion of the department head, be applied to absence without pay.

D. If the department head has reason to believe that sick leave is being abused, the submission of satisfactory medical evidence may be required to verify the necessity of sick absences. Failure to produce such evidence within seven (7) days of a request may result in denial of the sick leave and the absence being charged to leave without pay.

E. Upon return to work following a sick leave in excess of five (5) consecutive work days, an employee may be required to undergo a medical examination to determine fitness for work.

F. Persons employed on a permanent part-time basis who regularly work a minimum of twenty (20) hours per week shall be credited with that proportion of sick leave which their part-time service bears to full-time service.