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No vendor shall, from public or private property, sell, offer or expose for sale any items within 300 feet of a parade route, an event sponsored by the city or an event for which the city has granted a permit without a temporary permit granted by the Mayor. A temporary permit shall be valid for the date and/or rain date of the parade or event for which it has been issued. Application for a temporary permit shall specify the items to be sold and shall be accompanied by a recent photo of each person who will act as agent for the vendor. Permit fees shall be as follows: all items except food $100.00

food $250.00.

The Mayor may waive the application fee for Malden-based religious, fraternal and charitable organizations.


No less than 14 days prior to a parade or event for which a temporary permit is required, the Mayor shall list the number and location of sites for which permits will be offered. Said list shall be made available, upon request, to any applicant for a temporary permit. Vendors may indicate specific locations for which application is made, and sites shall be assigned based on priority of application.

Permits shall specify the location from which a vendor may operate, the hours during which sales may be conducted, and the items to be sold. Picture identification cards providing similar information shall be provided to vendors with each permit.

No permit shall be granted for the sale of the following: 1.devices containing gun powder, or other explosive or combustible material;

2.devices designed to discharge into the air any liquid or solid substance;

3.devices designed to illuminate an object by means of a point of colored light.

Denial of any application for a temporary permit shall cite specific reasons for the city's refusal to issue a permit.


Vendors shall restrict sales to the hours specified on temporary permits. Temporary permits shall specify the time at which a vendor shall occupy a site to prepare for sales. Vendors shall vacate the site specified on their permit within one hour after sales are to terminate under the terms of said permit.


Temporary vendors shall comply with provisions of Section 6.4A through 6.4G; provided that, with the approval of the Mayor, vendors may be authorized to conduct sales after 10 p.m.

No vendor shall sell items other than those specified on the temporary permit, as issued by the Mayor.

No vendor shall sell items at a location other than that specified on the temporary permit. No vendor shall transport goods to or from a parade route or special event while the parade or event is in progress.

Each vendor or agent shall display on his person, at all times during which goods are offered for sale, the picture identification card issued by the Mayor.