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1 Definitions:

As used in this section, the following terms shall have the following meanings:

Open air parking is the parking or storage of motor vehicles in an unsheltered area.

An Off-site parking facility is:

1. An open air lot, the principal use of which is the parking or storage of motor vehicles, or

2. An open air lot where motor vehicles are parked or stored for a purpose not related to the principal use of the property.

.2 License Required

No person shall operate an open air off-site parking facility, whether or not a fee is charged, without a license therefor from the City Council.

The City Council may issue licenses for the operation of open air off-site parking facilities in accordance with the provisions of this ordinance and upon such terms and conditions as they deem expedient, and may revoke, suspend or modify licenses so issued at their pleasure. Every license for an off-site parking facility shall expire annually in April.

Applications for license to operate an open air off-site parking facility shall be accompanied by the following: 1. A certified plot plan, approved by the Fire Marshall, delineating structures on the lot, proposed parking spaces, aisles, and means of access and egress; 2. Certification by the Building Inspector that the property conforms with all applicable zoning requirements and, if off-site parking is not the principal use of the property, the number of parking spaces required under zoning for the principal use;

3. A non-refundable application fee of $100.00 per vehicle.

.3 Minimum Standards for Operation of an Off-Site Parking Facility

.1 Maintenance of Lot: Every off-site parking facility shall be paved and parking spaces shall be lined and numbered in accordance with the plot plan approved by the City Council.

Lots shall be enclosed by fencing or by screening plants at least three feet in width, and shall be equipped with security lighting.

.2 Display of License: The operator of every off-site parking facility shall display a current license on the premises at all times.

.3 On-site Attendant: An attendant shall remain on the premises of any off-site parking facility at all times during which vehicles are parked or stored at said facility; provided that an off-site parking facility dedicated to the impoundment of motor vehicles may, in lieu of an attendant, secure the gate to said lot and prominently post a notice providing information as to how access to the lot may be obtained.

.4 Penalties for Violation of Ordinance

Violation of any provision of this ordinance or of the terms and conditions of any license issued hereunder may be punished in the manner provided in Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 40 Section 21D in accordance with the following schedule of fines:

1 offense $ 50.00 st

2 offense $100.00 nd

3 /subsequent offenses $200.00; rd

provided that every 24 hours during which a violation exists shall constitute a separate offense for which an additional penalty may be imposed.