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A. No person shall rent space for storage of personal property without having obtained identification from the tenant. Said identification shall be a driver's license, passport, state or federally issued identification card or any other officially issued photo identification card and shall include the lessee's name, date of birth or age, and present address.

B. The lessor shall keep a photostatic copy of all identification provided in relation to rental of space for entire period of the lessee's tenancy.

C. The lessor shall allow inspection by any police officer at any time of the copies of identification used by new tenants. Every such lessor, clerk, agent, servant or other person in charge of the business shall allow any police officer to inspect copies of the conditions and terms of any rental agreement when requested.

D. The lessor shall post a copy of this ordinance in a conspicuous location on the premises and shall notify potential lessees in writing of its provisions.

E. The provisions of this section shall not apply to a state or federally chartered financial institution which provides personal property rental spaces as an ancillary service to customers.

F. Failure to comply with the provisions of this ordinance shall be punishable by a fine of $100.00 per offense and may be enforced by any member of Malden Police Department in the manner provided in Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 40 Section 21 D.