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A. The owner, lessee, occupant, person in control or in charge of a public hall who leases, rents, causes or permits use of such public hall for compensation or otherwise for the purposes of public or private entertainment, whether or not an admission fee is charged, or public gatherings of any description at which alcoholic beverages are served or consumed thereof, whether or not such alcoholic beverages are sold, shall cause to be in attendance a number of regular Police Officers determined by the Police Commissioner or his duly authorized representative.

B. The preceding section shall not be construed to compel employment of Police Officers by a group of persons or any society, association or organization owning, leasing, renting or regularly occupying premises at which an entertainment to which only members and their guests are admitted and no charge is made for admission.

C. Application for a Police Detail shall be made to the Police Department, not less than seventy-two hours before the holding of an event requiring the employment of a Police Officer or Officers.

Application shall be in a form approved by the Police Chief and payment for the Police Detail shall be made at a rate of pay established by the Chief, or by collective bargaining agreement.