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A. No person shall remove any soil, loam, sand or gravel from any land in the City not in public use unless such removal is authorized by a permit issued by the City Council, except in conjunction with construction of a building on the parcel, or for the continued operation of an existing sand and gravel pit on the same parcel.

The City Council shall hold a public hearing on the application and notice of the filing of such application and the date and time of the public hearing thereon shall be advertised in a newspaper of general distribution in the City, seven (7) days at least before the public hearing.

B. No person shall alter the grade of any vacant land or fill any vacant land in the City unless such person first obtains a permit from the Building Inspector and endorsed by the Director of Public Health and the City Engineer. Permits may be issued with conditions or restrictions attached. The fee for such permit shall be one hundred ($100.00) dollars.