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No person owning or operating a gasoline filling station which operates by means of a self-service dispensing system shall permit anyone other than the attendant employed by the station to hold the gas nozzle while gasoline is being pumped, unless licensed by the City Council, upon such terms and conditions as they deem expedient and in the best interest of the health, safety, welfare and peaceful, quiet enjoyment of the residents of the City of Malden.

The City Council shall require, as terms and conditions of granting said license the following:

A. That said gasoline filling station shall have a valid occupancy permit from the Building Inspector;

B. That there must be at least one attendant on the premises during all open hours of said station;

C. That the granting of said license will not adversely affect the free flow of motor vehicle traffic in the area of the station, nor will it adversely affect the traffic in the area of the station, nor will it adversely affect the safety of pedestrians or customers in the area of said station;

D. That each gas nozzle at each pump be equipped with a "splash guard or back-up prevention device.

"To hold a gas nozzle" shall in all instances be interpreted to mean that the attendant must place the gas nozzle into the tank, container or anything relating thereto and remove the same when the tank is full.

Application shall be in a form approved by the City Solicitor, and shall be accompanied by an annual fee of One Thousand Two Hundred and Fifty ($1,250.00). Licenses shall be renewed annually on or before May 1 annually.

All self service gasoline filling stations within the City of Malden shall affix to each gas nozzle at each pump a "splash guard"

or backup preventing device.