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.1 The Mayor shall, in conjunction with the annual appropriation order, and may, at any other time deemed appropriate, recommend that funds from the Expendable Trust Fund be appropriated to mitigate development impacts or improve infrastructure. .2 Any funds appropriated from the Expendable Trust Fund shall be allocated to Development Mitigation Accounts in the following proportions:

.1 half of all funds so appropriated shall be divided equally among eleven accounts, one of which shall be under the direction and control of each councillor;

.2 the balance of appropriated funds shall be allocated to a single account, which shall be under the direction and control of the Mayor..3 Funds deposited in Development Mitigation Accounts may be expended without further appropriation and may be allocated to supplement projects funded through other municipal revenue sources; provided that expenditures from Development Mitigation Accounts shall be limited to the repair, maintenance or extension of streets, sidewalks, streetscapes, water systems, and sewer systems, the planting or maintenance of public shade trees, improvement or maintenance of parks, installation or maintenance of traffic control or traffic calming devices and the purchase, installation or maintenance of similar physical improvements to the city’s infrastructure.