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All private sewer layers must be licensed and/or approved by the Director of Public Works prior to commencing any work within the City of Malden. The Director of Public Works may license such private sewer layers as apply and are found competent. No person other than a licensed private sewer layer shall construct or repair any sewer for private use within street limits, or connect the same with any common sewer, or dig up any street for such purpose.

No private sewer between the limits of any street and the building shall be laid except as authorized or licensed by the Director of Public Works, or by his agent or employees acting under his direction. No such private sewer layer shall lay any such sewer without first having obtained a permit in writing from the Director of Public Works in such form and under such conditions as it shall prescribe, and within five (5) days of completion of the work such permit shall be returned to the office of the Director of Public Works signed by the permittee and stating what has been done under such permit.