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No person shall, without a permit, change, alter or replace any pipe connected with the waterworks or, without authorization, draw or remove any water therefrom.

Every water user shall install and maintain, in a manner acceptable to the Director of Public Works, all connections and pipes required to draw water from the municipal water main to the property, up to the water meter; provided that the property owner shall assume responsiblity for initial installation of a water meter in all newly constructed buildings or in total rehabilitation of a building, as determined by the Director of Public Works.

When so ordered, the user shall repair defects in connections and pipes to the satisfaction of the Director of Public Works

Every water user shall maintain the areas adjacent to pipes, connections and meters so as to allow reasonable access to said pipes, connections and meters and shall, upon five days notice from the Director of Public Works, allow agents of the city to enter the premises to inspect, make repairs or replace equipment, as deemed necessary by the Director of Public Works.

Every water user who fails to maintain temperatures adequate to prevent the freezing of pipes and meters shall be liable for repair or replacement of any resulting damage.

No person shall, except in case of fire or as otherwise authorized by the city, operate or remove the cap from any hydrant.

No person shall tamper with a city water meter or in any manner impede the city's ability to determine accurate consumption of water from said meter.

The City shall install in every property in the city a water meter, and shall repair or replace meters as deemed necessary by the Director of Public Works. Except where defects arise through the neglect or fault of the property owner, the costs of installation, repair or replacement of meters shall be charged to the Water/Sewer Enterprise Fund.

The Director of Public Works may order installation of a backflow valve when, in his estimation, said valve is necessary to protect the city’s water supply. Installation of said valve shall be at the expense of the owner. Every backflow valve shall be tested at the owner’s expense no less than once every five years.

Violation of this section may be enforced in the manner provided under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 40, Section 21D and shall be punishable by a fine of $300.00 for each offense. Each twenty-four hour period during which a violation shall exist shall constitute a separate offense, and a separate and additional fine shall be imposed for each twenty-four hour period during which a violation exists.