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A. No person shall place or maintain any sign, advertising device, lettering, clock, marquee, permanent or temporary awning, canopy, post or other structure projecting into or placed on, in or over a public street or way in the City without a permit issued by the Public Works Commission.

B. Temporary canopies with side curtains, but with an opening for pedestrians may be placed and maintained from buildings to the inner line of the curb for use during rain or snow storms and during festivals and social or other functions at churches, halls and private residences. The cover of such canopy shall have the lowest part thereof at least seven feet above the sidewalk and shall be erected on iron frames securely fastened to the building or to the sidewalk, the sidewalk fastenings, if of a permanent nature, to be embedded in the sidewalk and level with the same.

Such canopies and frames shall be removed within two hours after the storm has cleared or the social or other function has ended.

C. No advertising matter except as authorized by the Commission shall be placed on temporary structures involving the closing or occupation of public highways during repairs on the same or during building operations which are authorized by the Inspector of Buildings.

D. Applications for a permit for marquees, permanent awnings and other structures shall be advertised for a public hearing and notice thereof mailed to abutting owners by certified or registered mail.

E. Applications for permits shall be made on blank forms furnished by the Commission. Petitions shall set forth the purpose for which such sign, advertising device, clock, marquee, permanent awning or structure is to be used, the manner in which it is to project into or over the public highway, and such other requirements as the Commission may deem necessary.

F. Applications for permits shall, if the commission so orders, be accompanied by detailed plans, made to scale, showing the character of the construction of the same. Permits may be granted for not more than one year and must be renewed on expiration or within thirty (30) days thereafter. A permit may be renewed without the filing of additional plans; provided, that the applicant certifies to the Commission that there has been no change in the conditions under which the permit was first granted.

G. The foregoing section shall not apply to signs or other structures projecting onto or over a street or way a distance of less than six inches, nor to poles, wires, conduits, and appurtenances of steam railroad, street railway, telegraph and telephone, water, gas, electric light, heat and power companies.