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No person shall stop or park a vehicle on a sidewalk, walkway or planting strop abutting any street, nor on any unpaved surface on public or private property.

Except where curbing has been removed to provide access to the abutting property, no person shall drive a vehicle across a sidewalk or walkway.

No person shall remove curbing to provide access to the property abutting a sidewalk or walkway without having obtain a permit therefor from the Public Works Commission.

Application for a permit to install a curb cut shall be made on a form approved by the Commission and shall be accompanied by a fee as determined by the Commission. The Commission shall, within forty five days of receipt of a completed permit application under this section, schedule a public hearing on said application.

Notice of said hearing shall be mailed by first class mail no later than 7 days prior to the date of the hearing to abutters, the City Councillor in whose ward the proposed curb cut is located, and the Councillors At Large. Said notice shall include the name of the petitioner, the street address to which the application applies, a description of the work to be done and the date, time and place of the public hearing and shall inform abutters of their right to appear at said hearing and provide testimony on the proposal.

As used in this section, “abutters” shall mean the Abutters and Abutters to Abutters, as certified by the Assessor from the most recent tax list, within 300 linear feet of the property to which the permit applies, as measured along all public or private ways.

Within seven days of a hearing held under this section, the Commission shall issue or deny said permit and shall notify the petitioner of said issuance or denial. A denial shall be accompanied by a statement of the reasons therefor. An issuance shall contain such conditions, restrictions and time limitations as the Commission may deem reasonably necessary to protect the health, safety and welfare of residents; provided that, under no circumstances shall a permit to complete said work be valid for more than six months from the date of issuance.