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No person shall erect or maintain a passageway to any cellar, basement or other structure in or upon any street, without a permit therefor from the Public Works Commission. No person shall suffer the platform or grate of the entrance or passageway to a cellar or basement in any street to rise above the even surface of such street; and, every such entrance or passageway shall be kept covered with a suitable platform or grate, or shall be guarded and protected by a sufficient railing on both sides thereof, at least two and one-half (2 ½) feet high, and well lighted at night. No person shall erect or maintain any doorstep, portico, entrance or bay window in or upon any street.

No person shall make, or cause to be made any coal hole, or other opening in a street, except in accordance with a permit from the Commission, and no person shall leave such coal hole or opening uncovered or unfastened, except while actually in use, in which event it shall be properly guarded.

Whenever any person shall dig or sink any well, cistern or other cavity in the ground near to or adjoining any street, a sufficient and suitable railing or fence, well-lighted at night shall be maintained, on the line of such street.