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A. All public ways shall be named by the Public Works Commission, hereinafter designated in this chapter as the Commission. The Commission may change the name of any public way in the City; provided, that before such change it shall appoint a time and place of the public hearing from all persons interested therein, and give notice of such hearing and of its intention to change said name, by publication of the same at least once in a newspaper published in the city. It shall cause signposts to be erected, designating the names of the ways.

B. Ways that are open for public use but have not become public ways shall be named by the Planning Board, as it is the successors to the powers of the Board of Survey, and further provided that the Planning Board shall have the authority to change the mane of any way, whether public or private, where the name of such way is identical to, or so similar to, the name of another way so as to lead to confusion. The Planning Board may so act only after a public hearing with notice of such hearing given as required by section seventy-four of chapter forty of the General Laws of Massachusetts.

C. Nothing in this section is intended to supersede the requirements of Chapter eighty-five of the General Laws of Massachusetts.