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Whenever any private sewer shall become clogged, broken, obstructed, out of order, detrimental to the use of the common sewer, or unfit for sewage purposes, in or under that property situated outside of any street in which common sewers are laid, the owner, agent, occupant or person having charge of any building or lot of land or premises in which such private sewer is located shall, when directed by written notice from the Commission remove, reconstruct, alter, cleanse, or repair such private sewer, as the conditions thereof may require. In case of neglect or refusal to comply with such notice within five days after the same is given, the Director of Public Works may cause the private sewer to be removed, reconstructed, repaired, altered or cleansed, as it may deem expedient, at the expense of such owner, agent, occupant or other person so notified. Any person failing to comply with such notice shall also be liable to a fine in accordance with the provisions of Section 1.13.