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WWI Monument at Devir Park


Why is the City undertaking the refurbishment of the WWI Monument at this time?

November 11, 2018 will be the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I. There are 550 veterans memorialized on the WWI Monument at Devir Park which was dedicated in 1920. This accounts for only 20% of Malden veterans who served in WWI from Malden. As there are approximately 2,000 Malden men and women who served and qualify as WWI Veterans, the City wants to ensure they are properly memorialized on this Centennial Anniversary.

How may I participate?

All current and former Malden residents, veterans groups, students as well as area businesses are welcomed to take part in our “Adopt a Veteran” initiative. You are invited to donate $25 in the memory of a specific man or woman who served our country 100 years ago during WWI. By doing so, you are helping to pay for the two new plaques that will be dedicated on Veterans Day 2018. You may “adopt” more than one veteran. Your name will be listed alongside the name of your “Adopted Veteran(s)” in the program for Veterans Day Events at the Memorial on Sunday, November 11, 2018.

What if I do not have family members from Malden who served in WWI, may I still participate?

If you do not have a family member from Malden who served in WWI, but would like to contribute and honor a WWI Veteran, you may make a donation of $25 and we will assign you the name of a veteran.

What if I have family members from Malden who served in WWI, how do I make sure they are included?

If you have family members from Malden who served in WWI, please provide as much information as possible when making your donation. Include veterans’ names, ages, date of enlistment, branch of service, and places of service.

How does a military service member from Malden qualify as a WWI Veteran so that they may be added to the WWI Monument?

A Malden man or woman who was a resident of Malden at time of enlistment in the U.S. Military and was honorably discharged is eligible to have their name on the WWI Monument. Dates of service must begin on April 6, 1917.

What if I have information about a Veteran from Malden who served in WWI?

You are encouraged to contact the Veteran Services Office at Malden City Hall if you have any information that you can share about WWI Veterans. Please call 781-397-7139 or email

Where do I send my donation?

Checks or money orders should be made payable to the “CITY OF MALDEN” with “WWI MONUMENTS” noted in the memo section and mailed to Kevin Jarvis, Director of Veterans Services, 110 Pleasant Street, 3rd Floor, Malden, MA 02148.

Additional WWI FAQ’s

Also known as "The Great War," WWI was a world-wide battle fought 100 years ago that took an estimated 17 million lives. WWI is in many ways America’s forgotten war and our Nation’s history and values were profoundly shaped by it. We hope the WWI Centennial will cause Americans to stop and think about the brave men and women who served in that terrible war.

How many Americans served in WWI?

Entering the trenches alongside the exhausted Allied armies, two million fresh-faced American troops brought with them an infectious idealism and energy. Their participation was short, intense and costly.

How many Americans were killed or wounded in WWI?

The American army suffered 375,000 casualties and 116,516 deaths in less than a year on the front line - - a casualty rate double that of World War II. More Americans died in those few months in France than in three years in Korea and eight years in Vietnam -- combined. Two hundred thousand more veterans came home wounded and maimed. But their contributions to the war drove the Germans to desperation and the Allies to victory.

How many Malden men and women served in WWI and how many died?

There were over 2,000 Malden men and women who served in the military during WWI, although no women were memorialized on any City monument. Malden suffered approximately 80 deaths in 1918 during WWI.



Veterans Already Listed on Existing WWI Monument at Devir Park
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Veterans to be Included on NEW WWI Monument at Devir Park
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