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Water and Sewer Billing

Water and Sewer Bills

Water and Sewer bills are sent out monthly and are due on the 25th of every month. Every November, outstanding balances on accounts that are more than 30 days past due are placed as a water-sewer lien onto the real estate tax bill attached to that property.  
If you receive a bill that is estimated or have any questions regarding your bill, please call (781) 397-7090 (Option 1 = Payment Questions, Option 2 = Water Meter Reading Questions).

Water and Sewer rates effective July 1, 2018:

(Rates per 100 Cubic Feet)
201 Rates
(Effective July 1st, 2018)
1st Step: 1-800$4.56 Water/$5.59 Sewer$10.15 Combined
2nd Step: 801-12,000$10.18 Water/$10.88 Sewer$21.06 Combined
3rd Step: Over 12,000$13.76 Water/$12.50 Sewer$26.26 Combined

 The minimum usage charge per month as follows:

 Meter Size Minimum Charge 
 Up to 1 inch $3.00 Water/$3.00 Sewer$6.00 Combined
 1 1/2 inch$20.00 Water/$5.00 Sewer $25.00 Combined
 2 inch $30.00 Water/$6.00 Sewer$36.00 Combined
 3 inch $55.00 Water/$10.00 Sewer$65.00 Combined
 4 inch $85.00 Water/$15.00 Sewer$100.00 Combined
 6 inch $170.00 Water/$22.00 Sewer$192.00 Combined

Private Fire Protection:

2 inchFS2$85.00
3 inchFS3$170.00
4 inchFS4$265.00
6 inchFS6$530.00
8 inchFS8$850.00
10 inchFS10$1225.00


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