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Take Responsibility!

“Let us accept our responsibility for the future.”

                                                --- John F. Kennedy

Dear Residents,

The right to vote embodies the spirit of America. I believe it is our responsibility to be active participants in the government process by exercising that right. This coming Tuesday, November 4th between the hours of 7 am and 8 pm, you will have that opportunity to cast your ballot and help shape our future. The polling stations in our City can be found at    

In this election, statewide offices as well as the local seats for State Representative and State Senate will appear on the ballot. Voters will also be asked to consider four Ballot Questions that have the chance to significantly impact Massachusetts in the years to come. In an effort to assist you with the questions, the following link from the Secretary of State’s Office contains information to familiarize you with the issue and help in your decision making:

With Veterans Day upon us, we can honor those who fought to protect our freedoms by making sure to exercise our right to vote on November 4th.  Thank you.



Mayor, City of Malden